How to create Telegram Account - 2022 Easy Step to Step Guide
How to create Telegram Account - 2022 Easy Step to Step Guide
Hello friends, Do you have an account in a Telegram, if no go through the article to know how to create Telegram account. Today I am going to show you how you can create an account in a Telegram in a few simple steps. Let's dig in!

What is Telegram?

Telegram is one of the well-known messaging apps. It was launched on 14th August 2013 but officially launched on October 20, 2013. Pavel Durov is the founder of Telegram messenger. It was developed by Telegram FZ LLC (Telegram Messenger Inc). Telegram is an instant cloud-based messenger and call-over IP service. The Telegram is available for android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Windows phone, and macOS. The users can transfer audio, videos, images, text, files, stickers (doc, zip, mp3, etc) up to 1.5GB each. If the device has less storage then it can be stored on a cloud. Telegram also allows its users to create groups of up to 2,00,000 people per group or channel.

Apart from other messaging apps Telegram has many features such as cloud-based messages, bots, channels, custom folders, drafts, secret chats, voice calls, telescope, live locations, social login, passport, polls, native file format support so on. So are you ready? Let's see how to create Telegram account now!

How to create Telegram Account

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Here are a few steps you need to set up before creating Telegram account. you need to select a platform on which you are going to use this application as Telegram is available for almost all platforms including the web. You can also use this Telegram on a PC or Mac without downloading the app.

How to create Telegram account on Android, iOS, Windows.

  • Download the Telegram app from Google Play Store and if it is an Apple device like iPhone, iPad, or Macbook download an app from the App Store, If you want to install an app on windows, you can download it from Telegram desktop.
  • Tap on the app to open it
  • Now Sign up, When you open the app for the first time you can see "Start Messaging" tap on the start messaging button
  • Choose your country and enter your phone number, that you want to use for registering into the Telegram account, and click next.
  • After registering tap on the tick icon on the top right corner of the app
  • You will receive an SMS Verification Code for the registered number
  • Enter the verification code on the screen
  • After verifying your number you need to set up your Telegram account
  • Enter your First name and Last name
  • You can also create a channel or group with your account
  • You can also stay in touch with friends by Telegram voice call

That's it! your Telegram account has been created. Now you can start chatting with your buddies, relish Telegram and click on the pencil icon given at the extreme bottom right.

How to Create Telegram Account without using Phone Number

Now you know how to create Telegram account but have you wondered that you can create it without using a mobile number too. The phone number is mandatory to create an account in Telegram. It will ask you to enter your phone number to proceed with the verification. There is no chance of creating an account by entering the phone number. Therefore you can create a virtual phone number for verification and create an account.

If you want to create a second account by using the virtual phone number then you can find several free VoIP Apps that provide you with a real phone number for receiving incoming messages and calls to complete the process of verification on Telegram.

How to create a second Telegram Account

To create Telegram account other than your primary account you may need a second phone number. As there is no possibility for that you may and to lookup for several ways to create one account. There are some services provided to get a phone number and complete the process.

You may keep local phone numbers or data-only sim cards stored in a slot of your mobile device and get the second phone number from the text now or alternate applications.

Text Now is a free texting and calling application that will provide you with a real American phone number. The problem is that you may lose your phone number if you don't keep it using actively. The number will go back to the pool and some other person may use it for their purposes, But if you keep using the phone number for a couple of times in a week then nothing would be wrong.

There is also another option to get the permanent phone number by subscribing to the premium version of the TextNow app. In order to create the second account in Telegram follow these steps

  • Install the TextNow app from the Google Play Store or iOS app store.
  • Once the app has been downloaded, you can select your free virtual phone number. This will ask you to enter your area code to generate 5 different options to pick from. You simply select a phone number from there and complete the setup.
  • Locate and launch the Telegram app on your mobile device. Tap on Settings > Your Profile Details > Add Account. Now enter your free Virtual Phone Number.
  • Click next on the top right corner of the screen. Telegram will send you a verification code for the number else we can choose a verification phone call. In case if you did not receive any verification code then you can select a different phone number in the TextNow app.
  • After completing the verification process, type the First name and Last name.

If you have any problem using the TextNow app then you can Telegram support to determine if they can manually add the number to your account or choose different VoIP app for verification. That's it now you can use your second Telegram account for your sending, receiving messages, and so on.

Features of telegram

Some of the features that the telegram offers for its users are:

  • Allows to have secret conversation
  • Self destruct timer
  • Customization
  • Large file transfer
  • Global message deletion


So you see how easily you can create Telegram account! Telegram is a lot better than many other messaging apps. Telegram is one of the popular messaging apps used for not only communication but also for various purposes, also you can create Telegram account for multiple uses on a single device. It provides greater security for the information shared. 

To read more interesting articles like this, check them out at SocialMirror. If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to ask me in the comments section below!

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