Buy Cheap SEO Tools | 100% Genuiene Group Buy Tools at Toolszap
Buy Cheap SEO Tools | 100% Genuiene Group Buy Tools at Toolszap
Hey Folks, this article is totally for those who are so much keen to improve their SEO tactics by using premium SEO tools. But they failed because of their high price. And this is not something that is imaginary, maximum people have gone through this problem.  That's why we bring this article "Buy Cheap SEO Tools" on board.

SEO tools like Aherfs, Wordai, Moz, Keyword Revealer have become so important if you are an SEO editor or you have an interest in SEO. Currently, competition is so tight that you can't be dependent on traditional SEO practice. Present time demands new SEO tactics and effective implementation for better ranking on Google.

And all this will be possible if you use SEO tools. Now, I will tell you "How you can buy premium SEO at a cheap price"

Toolszap: Best Platform for Group Buy Tools

I know if I am talking about cheap SEO tools, then you must be confused about where to get these high prices SEO tools for free. Don't worry, I am going to tell you about a platform from where you can buy SEO tools at cheap rates. The name of the platform is Toolszap.

Currently, Toolszap is one of the best group buys tools provider. The best part is these people give you a 98% uptime guarantee of tools at an extremely low price. And if you want to know how they do it, then I'll explain.

Basically, they just purchase high-priced accounts and share them with their customers, only for personal usage. By this way, it helps new marketers and Bloggers to get high-priced tools at a low cost. Toolszap is a community of bloggers, share their accounts, and help each other to grow.

  • Toolszap never sells any kind of stolen accounts or illegal stuff on their websites.
  • They never support piracy-related things, so it is safe to use Toolszap.

Toolszap vs Original: Buy Cheap SEO Tools


Original Price: At AHERFS, you will the smallest plan at $99 for 30 days.

Toolszap Price: At here you will just need to pay Rs 399 for 30 days Aherfs plan. See, the difference is of miles. So why waste such a huge amount.


Original Price: The starting plan of MOZ is of $99 for one month.

Toolszap Price: But toolszap will provide you Moz just at $2.67(Rs 199).


Original Price: The basic plan of SPYfu is of $39 for 30 days.

Toolszap Price: Just you need to pay $2.67(Rs 199) for 30 days.


Original Price: The one-month basic plan of KWFinder is of $49.

Toolszap Price: $4.02(Rs 199) and KWFinder's subscription is yours for 30 days.


Original Price: The basic plan of keyword revealer is a consultant plan and it cost you $59 for one month.

Toolszap Price: $2.67(Rs 199) and you will get keyword revealer's paid subscription for 30 days.


All Other Plans By ToolsZap

Cheap-SEO-Tools toolszap tools - SocialMirror

Steps: How to Buy Cheap SEO Tools at Toolszap

  1. Open this URL in your browser,
  2. Click on the "TRY NOW" icon.
  3. Now you will be seen three different plans on your screen: Individual Tools, Lite Plan, All in One Plan.
  4. Under Individual tools, you can buy tools individually like if you only need MOZ, then you can buy Moz only at a cheap price. In this plan, each tool has its own individual price.
  5. In Lite Plan, is basically design for New Bloggers & Marketers. It is a plan consisting of four tools: AHERFS, Keywordrevealer, Moz, and SkillShare at $6.70(Rs 199)/month.
  6. Last on is All in One Plan, this plan is like a complete powerhouse, you will be getting every tool which Toolszap sell in one single plan. And the price is $10.73(Rs 799)/month.
  7. Next is your Signup Form, if you are new to Toolszap, then you need to complete this registration process before payment.
  8. After successfully signup, do the payment and that's it. Seo tool is yours for the next specific duration.

Payment Gateways: Buy Cheap SEO Tools

For your convenience, they have many payment gateways and you can Buy Cheap SEO Tools by using the following gateways:

Cheap-SEO-Tools - SocialMirror

  • Cards
  • Banks(Netbanking)
  • UPI
  • Wallets

Customer Support: Toolszap

When you use online tools in any case, customer support is the most crucial thing to notice on. When many times we got stuck into some trouble. So, to get us back from troubles we need fast and reliable customer support.

At Toolszap, they have 24x7 customer support. If you are a member then you can contact through the ticket system and live chat support. And if you are a non-registered member, then in this case you can contact through live chat support.

Available languages:- English, Hindi, Bengali.

Refund in case of inconvenience

Yes, they give a refund if their tools don't work for more than 3 days. You can initiate your refund using the ticket system or Via Live chat. Toolszap customer executive will help you out.


So, it's time to wrap up this article about how to and where to Buy Cheap SEO Tools in a legit way. And as per promise, we do a review of such a platform named Toolszap.

Just go and check it out, they have almost every basic tool and if have any other query you can contact us anytime, we would be happy to hear from you.

Thanks for reading this article on SocialMirror, and stay tuned for more latest updates and reviews, till then be safe and happy!


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